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Manufacture: MECH, Hose Material: SS304, Maximum working pressure: 1.2Mpa/175psi, Maximum ambient temperature:107℃/225 ℉, Hose diameter: 20mm, Inlet Nipple: 1" NPT, Outlet Size Available: 1/2" NPT, 3/4" NPT, Hose Length Available: 700mm, 1000mm, 1200mm, 1500mm, 1800mm

● Safe & Reliable
All the parts of MECH brand flexible hoses are manufactured
in corrosion resistant and high-powered stainless steel
with 100% leak tested prior to leaving the factory and the
environmental temperature resistance being as high as

● Easy and Quick installation
No special tools are required and It only needs the simple
use of wrench, screw driver and pipe sealing tape, etc, in the
installation with the minimal amount of time. The flexibility of
MECH brand hose can be adjusted based on the installation
space and can also be combined with 90’ elbow, which
allows hose to be fixed in limited installation space.

● Economizing on cost
With the unique connection mode of flexible hose, the MECH
brand is much more time and cost saving and with no need for threader.

● Environmental Friendly
The MECH brand flexible hose can be re-shaped and
relocated to suit the final sprinkler location on the ceiling
without draining the system, avoiding the pipe wasted by the
inaccurate measurement. No sprinkler displacement even after
high pressure test and eliminating the need for an oversized
ring around the sprinkler.

● Seismic
The MECH brand stainless steel hose can absorb seismic
shock, and protect the sprinkler system to maintain normal operation in the case of an earthquake.

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